Ein Schwarz-Weiß-Display wird das neue Apple-Tablet sicherlich nicht haben…

An die Medien ging gerade diese Einladung zum Apple-Event am 27. Januar 2010 raus.

P.S. Das lesen die Kollegen aus der Einladung heraus:


Using the word “creation” is telling in both its vagueness and its specificity: It says it’s something new.

It’s a light and fluffy blurb, not the one you might expect for something that some people think could be the beginning of a brand-new kind kind of personal computing, previously only depicted in movies.

It’s also splattered with paint. Maybe they’re being playful. Maybe there’s a (finger)painting application. Maybe we’re reading too much into a jpeg.


We’re not ones for wild speculation, but the inclusion of splatter paint and the use of the word “creation” could suggest that if we do see the long-rumored Tablet at this event, the focus could be slanted towards art, music, and movie-making.


And the fact that this one refers to a single creation and doesn’t even hint at a focus such as music may be evidence that this is, indeed, the tablet. Or at least it’s not evidence that it isn’t the tablet.

All Things D

Given the invite’s theme, one wonders if the “creation” to be unveiled is touch and pressure sensitive and might, perhaps, come accompanied by a stylus or other input tool that could be used by illustrators and designers.

Reading Apple’s Tea Leaves – Bits Blog – NYTimes.com

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