Käufer des BlackBerry Storm verdammen ihr neues Smartphone

David Pogue, der Technologie-Experte, hat vor ein paar Tagen einen Testbericht über den neuen Blackberry Storm geschrieben, in dem das das neue Smatphone von RIM ziemlich verrissen wurde. Nun legen Pogues Leser nach, die sich bereits einen BlackBerry Storm gekauft haben.

I rushed out last week to try the new Storm–and was frustrated, confused and bewildered by the device. I couldn’t use the browser, and was even hard pressed to make a phone call.

I want to thank you for validating the experiences I’ve had with my new BlackBerry Storm. It has been an absolute nightmare. As soon as I return to New York, I will take advantage of Verizon’s 30-day return policy and get rid of this monstrosity.

My Storm was like something from a Stephen King novel: possessed of its own mind. Touching or selecting on the screen highlighted something totally unrelated. The lag in switching from horizontal to vertical almost made it seem that the screen was deciding its own when to shift.

One of my co-workers, who is almost militant in his disdain for all things Apple, couldn’t wait to get his hands on a Storm. Lo & behold, 30 minutes later, he was trying to figure out a way to get his money back.

I think there’s an important distinction between quality control (whether or not something works as designed) and quality of design. This device fails miserably in both categories.

Where do I begin? The address book is a joke. Can’t go straight to any given letter, so must scroll all the way through every time. Everything’s slow: Scrolling, screen rotating, selecting apps, search… everything. It has crashed several times just trying to play movies. When you press the screen, it jumps over and „clicks“ the key next to what you wanted… this is maddeningly frustrating. The bottom line: BlackBerry has created the Zune of touchscreen phones.

Having tried the Storm on two different days to make sure it was really as bad as it seemed the first time, I too find it unbelievable that these are for sale. Verizon should just box all these Storms up and send them to Toys R Us, who can sell them in the Brainteaser section, right next to the Rubik’s Cubes.

Typing is not easy. My fingertips hurt after a few e-mails, not to mention the frustration with many typos. Also, when you are scrolling and you touch the bottom edge of the screen (landscape mode) by accident, the keyboard pops up. It takes so long to do anything. Not worth it.

Und so weiter …

Circuits: Readers React to David Pogue’s Review of the BlackBerry Storm

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