Die Geschichte des Apple Macintosh – Presseschau zum 20. Geburtstag

Update: Zu Geschichte des Apple Macintosh habe ich inzwischen eine eigene Website, Mac History, eingerichtet.

Der 20. Geburtstag des Apple Macintosh wurde im Januar 2004 von zahlreichen Online-Medien aufgegriffen. Hier ein Überblick:

Englischsprachige Medien:

MSNBC – OK, Mac, Make a Wish


Apple’s ‘computer for the rest of us’ is, insanely, 20

By Steven Levy, Newsweek

Forbes.com – The Mac @ 20


Selling Steve’s Vision

By Arik Hesseldah, Forbes

Forbes.com – The Mac @ 20


Happy Birthday, Mac!

By Quentin Hardy, Forbes

ZDNet AnchorDesk – Editorial Feature


What will become of Apple in the next 20 years?

By Dan Farber: Editor in Chief, ZDNet

Wired News – 20 years Macintosh


The Macintosh’s Twisted Truth

By Owen Linzmayer

Macworld – Steve Jobs Interview


Steve Jobs on the Mac’s 20th Anniversary – Exclusive Interview

By Jason Snell

Wired News – 20 years Macintosh


Mac Founders Push for New Ideas

By Daniel Terdiman

Wired News – 20 years Macintosh


We’re All Mac Users Now

By Leander Kahney

Macworld – The Mac Turns 20


The Mac Turns 20 – Looking Back on the Mac

By Macworld Staff

San Jose Mercury News Januar 1984

How the Macintosh computer grew

By Evelyn Richards

San Jose Mercury News 01-18-2004

Steve Jobs’ personality, values inseparable from the Apple saga

By David Plotnikoff, Mercury News

Apple’s 20 years of revolution – Perspectives – theage.com.au

Apple’s 20 years of revolution

By Graeme Philipson

ABCNEWS.com – Remembering 20 Years of Apple’s Macintosh

Two Decades of Thinking Differently – Remembering the Past 20 Years of Apple’s Unique Macintosh

By Matthew Rothenberg, PC Magazine

NPR- Talk of the Nation

Interview: Experts discuss the 20-year history of the Macintosh computer

NPR Celebrating 20 Years of the Mac

Celebrating 20 Years of the Mac – Line Revolutionized Computer Design, Ease of Use

Guests: Jef Raskin, creator of the Macintosh and author of multiple books, including The Humane Interface: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems

Steven Levy, senior editor and columnist for Newsweek magazine and author of Insanely Great: The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer That Changed Everything

Lance Ulanoff, executive editor and columnist for the online version of PC Magazine


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