MSN Virtual Earth an Steve Baller: “Chef, wir haben Apple ausradiert”

So hat Microsoft Apple von der Landkarte verschwinden lassen.

Foto: U.S. Geological Survey
Der Apple-Campus in einem aktuellen Satellitenbild (oben) und in der Version, die bei MSN gezeigt wird (unten)

As software rivals, Microsoft wants to wipe Apple Computer off the map. With Microsoft’s new Web service for satellite photographs, did the world’s largest software company find a way to do exactly that?

Internet sleuths discovered that anyone using Microsoft’s new “Virtual Earth” Web site for a bird’s-eye view of Apple’s corporate headquarters saw only a grainy overhead photograph of what appears to be a single, nondescript warehouse and a deserted parking lot — not Apple’s sprawling campus, with 11 modern buildings surrounding a plush courtyard.

Microsoft blames an outdated photograph. But Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley shows up more appropriately for anyone viewing the same location using Google’s mapping Web site, which also combines many of the same government-funded satellite and aerial overhead photographs. Is Microsoft’s version of the landscape a fantasy for Bill Gates?

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