Was zeigt Apple auf der MacWorld Expo? (1)

Noch 55 Tage bis zur MacWorld Expo in San Francisco – und schon überbieten sich die Experten mit Prognosen, was Steve Jobs im Moscone Center vorstellen wird:

“An Intel-based Mac Mini.”

Ben Reitzes, UBS Investment Reseach

“An Intel-based Mac Mini. The Mini is the most logical choice because it’s the least expensive and the least popular.”

Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray

“New iBooks. A lot of demonstrations.”

Andy Inahtko, Mac-Consultant und Autor

“An Intel-based Powerbook, or dual-core G4’s for laptops in the interim. A new 2, 4 or 6GB iPod shuffle. iLife 2006.”

Bob “Dr. Macintosh” LeVitus, Mac consultant and author

“I would say an Intel-based Mac Mini is the most reasonable assumption. The Mini is ripe for an update. But we’re all reading tea leaves here.”

Jason Snell, Redakteur Macworld Magazine