Der Fluch des Google-Mottos "Don't Be Evil"

In der Führungsetage bei Google scheint man inzwischen den Tag zu verfluchen, an dem man „Don’t Be Evil“ zum Firmenmotto erklärt hat.

It really wasn’t like an elected, ordained motto. I think that ‘Don’t Be Evil’ is a very easy thing to point at when you see Google doing something that you personally don’t like; it’s a very easy thing to point out so it does get targeted a lot. … I think that what we’re doing is very meaningful, it’s very important, it’s serious, it has large-scale ramifications for people in their lives and as a result we need to take it very seriously and we should be held to a very high standard regardless of whether it’s self imposed or imposed through public scrutiny.

Google VP Marissa Mayer says that whole “Don’t Be Evil” thing is more of a guideline than a principle.

Der Slogan „Don’t Be Evil“ hat inzwischen sogar seinen eigenen Wikipedia-Eintrag, in dem betont wird, dass nicht die Google-Gründer Sergey Brin oder Larry Page diesen Leitsatz formuliert haben, sondern Paul Buchheit, der Programmierer von Gmail.

[Quoted : Good Morning Silicon Valley] [Don’t Be Evil or don’t lose value? – BizTech – Technology –]

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