Microsoft und Yahoo: Clash of technologies

LogoJohn Gruber (Daring Fireball) betont in seiner Analyse des geplanten Take-overs die technologischen Unterschiede der Online-Plattformen von Microsoft und Yahoo! und geht davon aus, dass die Jungs aus Redmond früher oder später das Software-Fundament von Yahoo! platt machen werden:

Engineering-wise, it’s interesting. Yahoo’s stuff is almost all written in PHP, and runs on FreeBSD and Red Hat Linux servers. I don’t think Microsoft has ever bought — and maintained — a significant software product that wasn’t written against Microsoft technology. E.g., when they bought Hotmail, the migration from FreeBSD/Apache to Windows 2000 was painful and difficult. Hotmail was just one product (albeit a popular one). Yahoo has hundreds of properties, several of them, I’m guessing, more popular than Hotmail was back in 2000.

So there’s a paradox: technically, I can’t see how Microsoft would migrate all of Yahoo to Windows servers and software. But culturally, it just isn’t in Microsoft’s DNA to accept and maintain all of these PHP/FreeBSD/Linux products. My gut feeling is that Microsoft’s culture is the driving force here. I don’t think they care about any of Yahoo’s technology, with the possible exception of Yahoo Search. What Microsoft sees in Yahoo isn’t software but pageviews and advertisers. So rather than, say, rewriting Yahoo Mail using Windows technology, I expect them to just force Yahoo Mail users over to Windows Live Hotmail.

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