Stimmen zum geplanten YHOO-Takeover durch Microsoft

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The essential problem is that what Microsoft and Yahoo lack, and what Google’s got in spades, can’t be gained through merger. Google’s secret to success is not so secret at all. It has created the ultimate expression of Silicon Valley capitalism — a company of engineers, a firm that elevates technical innovation as its core mission.Google’s eating everyone’s lunch simply because it makes things faster, better and more useful than anyone else — and Microhoo will have no better way than Yahoo and Microsoft did to replicate that engineering feat.

Microsoft to Yahoo: Let us prey : Good Morning Silicon Valley
You could watch it playing out like one of those “nature, red in tooth and claw” documentaries. There was the wildebeest (played by Yahoo), slowed by a nagging groin injury, gradually starting to fall behind the herd. The vultures and hyenas (played by analysts and pundits) were starting to circle and salivate, respectively. Then, off in the tall grass there’s a stirring, then an explosion of dust as the lion (played with scenery-chewing enthusiasm by Microsoft) springs at its quarry and sinks its teeth into the back of its neck. Sensitive viewers may want to turn away.


My first reaction: „That’s a lot to pay for flickr.“

I’m surprised yet not surprised. Internally, a number of us had heard reasons from Steve Ballmer why a Yahoo! acquisition didn’t make sense. One that sticks in my mind right now is how if we acquired Yahoo! – such a big company – we’d have to naturally have layoffs within Microsoft to accommodate it.

Microsoft to become Micro-ad? | Mary Jo Foley | All about Microsoft |
If the $44 billion Yahoo acquisition proposed by Microsoft on February 1 goes through, Microsoft will be a very different company than it is now.In spite of its Software Services push, Microsoft has been and still is a software vendor. Windows and Office still are how Microsoft makes the bulk of its money. Microsoft’s online services business is a relatively tiny piece of Microsoft’s overall business and is likely to remain in the red for years to come, company officials admitted during last week’s earnings conference call.

Why Google will remain king of search – U.S. business-
Karikatur: Daryl Cagle |

Microsoft to Yahoo: Two Days to Respond or Else! | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD
A number of top executives I spoke to today were flabbergasted by what is essentially a hostile move by Microsoft. Yahoo’s Jerry Yang has been rebuffing such advances, made both privately and in veiled references in public by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.“I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe that they did it,” said one exec. “They had made a lot of overtures, but this was astonishing. I could not believe Microsoft would be so aggressive.”

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Bam! Borg makes Yahoo its bitch.
Anyway, this is classic Borg. They wait. And wait. And wait. They press on you. They look for weakness. They keep pushing and pushing. They step on your oxygen tube, just a little, so slightly that nobody can see it but just enough to make it a little harder for you to breathe. They watch you grow weaker and weaker. They let Jerry Yang do his stupid 100-day review. Then they pounce.

heise online – Was war. Was wird.
Kaum hat sich Bill Gates zurückgezogen, hat Steve Ballmer Yahoo ein Kaufangebot unterbreitet. Eilfertig schwingen sich die Kommentatoren auf, zur möglichen Fusion von einem Blinden mit einem Lahmen von möglichen Synergien zu reden und Suchmaschinen-Marktführer Google als Verlierer zu beschreiben. Offenbar macht sich niemand die Mühe, Yahoo als das Sammelsurium von Einzelfirmen zu beschreiben, das es wirklich ist. Wer ziemlich wahllos viele Dinge in seinen Wanderrucksack schmeißt, hat keine Ahnung, welche Tour er wirklich gehen will

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