Investoren im Silicon Valley wollen mit RSS das große Geld machen. 20 Millionen Dollar hat der erste Really Simple Syndication Fond“ schon gesammelt, 100 Millionen Dollar sollen es werden.

Initiator John Palfrey hat immerhin ein eigenes Weblog, in dem er die Nachricht der interessierten Öffentlichkeit bekannt gab.

“I will be involved with a group of smart, dedicated, experienced investors who are putting a new fund together, to be announced shortly, to invest in this emerging RSS family of technologies.  Fortunately, the other guys have a lot of experience in managing funds, so my job is to help see where the promise lies in the space. (If ever there is the potential of a conflict with my day job, I’ll recuse myself early and often, and I’ll keep my disclosures page as up-to-date as I can.) Of course, this fund will be a business intended to result in a return on investment. In the process, I have high hopes that such a fund can further the tremendous movement in citizens’ media underway and will promote the growth of global freedom of expression, creativity, and innovation.”

Irgendwie erinnert mich die Story an Pointcast, die vor Jahren mit Push-Technologie das große Geld machen wollten.